The Drop 2014

Bob Saginowski finds himself at the center of a robbery gone awry and entwined in an investigation that digs deep into the neighborhood's past where friends, families, and foes all work together to make a living - no matter the cost.

La bani, la cap, la oase 2010

Too soft and innocent for the job they do, HARPOON and THE BAPTIST are two money collectors that don't collect much, except for kicks and bruises. As they try in vain to fulfill their contracts, they get involved in a robbery and decide to go for a change in their lives: they will start collecting for themselves.

Friends with Money 2006

After she quits her lucrative job, Olivia finds herself unsure about her future and her relationships with her successful and wealthy friends.

Mad Money 2008

Three female employees of the Federal Reserve plot to steal money that is about to be destroyed.

Uptown Girls 2003

Molly Gunn, the freewheeling daughter of a deceased rock legend, is forced to get a job when her manager steals her money. As nanny for precocious Ray, the oft ignored daughter of a music executive she learns what it means to be an adult while teaching Ray how to be a child.

Funny Money 2006

Henry Perkins, a mild-mannered accountant, accidentally trades briefcases with another man, to find out that there's a million dollars inside. Henry tells his unsuspecting wife of their new-found fortune, but she doesn't embrace it as well as he does. Soon they're joined by their best friends, a cop on the take, a cop on the hunt, and the dreaded Mr. Big, who has come to claim his money.

Money Monster 2016

Financial TV host Lee Gates and his producer Patty are put in an extreme situation when an irate investor takes over their studio.

Let's Make Money 2008

Let’s Make Money is an Austrian documentary by Erwin Wagenhofer released in the year 2008. It is about aspects of the development of the world wide financial system.

The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines 2006

After retrieving the Crystal Skull in Utah, Flynn Carsen receives a map in the mail with the secret location of King Solomon's Mines. When the scroll is stolen, Judson explains the power of the Key of Solomon's book and assigns Flynn to retrieve the map. The map is useless without the legend piece to decipher it, which is located in Volubilis near the Roman ruins in Morocco. Flynn heads to Casablanca to the ruins where he is chased by a group of mercenaries leaded by General Samir. They too want to find the location of King Solomon's mines. Flynn teams-up with Professor Emily Davenport working in the dig and they escape from General Samir and his men. While traveling to Gedi, they save the local Jomo from death and the trio faces a dangerous journey through the wild Africa.

Stuff and Dough 2001

A young man from Constanța who has his own business aims to expand, but he doesn't have the resources.

It's Only Money 1962

Lester is a clumsy and awkward TV repair man who is nevertheless gifted technically. In helping out a friend, he is drawn into a mystery involving a missing heir in a rich family. He begins to notice little things, like how much those family portraits look like him. can't be...can he ?

Open Cage 2014

The economy has collapsed. In a universe of moral and economic impoverishment, we find Flavia, a spoiled teenager with artistic aspirations that are somewhat frustrated when she is not accepted at the University. Her neighbor Martin, a mature man with rigid routines, is her antipode. When Flavia meets Martin, there are sparks of friction at all times, and the situation is unlikely to get any better.

Banim Bonim 1924

Abstract: A group of pioneers immigrate to Palestine, are shown around the country and then settle in the Jezreel Valley. This film was recently rediscovered; the second reel is still missing.

Banished 2014

Ana is a colombian girl from Bogota, whose life gets affected when war comes to her city and the army wants to recruit young men.

Banished 2015

This is a story of isolation and hope, of a writer in exile. The writer is banished for her attack on religious fundamentalism and patriarchy and her cat is suddenly left alone.

Cell Block Sisters: Banished Behind Bars 1995

Sam Connor kidnaps his young daughters, April and May, sells them to strangers, and accidentally kills his wife when she attempts to intervene. Sixteen years later, April is an out of control outlaw who has come into a life of drugs and crime, while May has grown into a straight laced, refined woman. The plot thickens when April avenges her mother's death by killing her father, and May is sent to jail as the prime suspect. Fortunately, Detective Arman, instantly taken with May, fights for her innocence and tries to get her out before she is taken down by other hostile prisoners.

Money Heist 2017

To carry out the biggest heist in history, a mysterious man called The Professor recruits a band of eight robbers who have a single characteristic: none of them has anything to lose. Five months of seclusion - memorizing every step, every detail, every probability - culminate in eleven days locked up in the National Coinage and Stamp Factory of Spain, surrounded by police forces and with dozens of hostages in their power, to find out whether their suicide wager will lead to everything or nothing.

Boys Over Flowers 2009

A working class girl winds up at an exclusive prep school. Unassuming high school girl Jan Di stands up to -- and eventually falls for -- a spoiled rich kid who belongs to the school's most powerfu clique.

Sanjog Se Bani Sangini

Sanjog Se Bani Sangini is an Indian television series based on the love story of Gauri and Rudra and how these incomplete people complete each other. The series premiered on Zee TV on August 16, 2010. But due to low ratings and high competition from Colors Channel's 10 pm show Uttaran and STAR Plus top-rated show Tere Liye, this show ended in June 2011. Sangini is online in Romania on Brilliant Novelas.

Bani – Ishq Da Kalma

Bani – Ishq Da Kalma is an Indian television drama series, which premiered on March 18, 2013 on Colors. The series was originally titled Gurbani, which means the composition of the Sikh Gurus. The title of the series was changed after several concerns reported by Sikh organizations, including Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee. The team completed 100 episodes on 2 August 2013. The story is set against the background of Punjab, and revolves round Bani, a young woman whose life is ruled by her mother's ambitions. The mother, Desho, dreams of getting Bani married to an expatriate or Non Resident Indian man. For twenty two years there has been a division in Bani's family—between her father Sarabjit and his brother Nirvail. Despite this, Bani and Nirvail's daughter Rajji are the best of friends. Bani, though she respects Desho's wishes, is not too keen to marry an NRI. Rajji is aware of this.

Banished 2015

At its heart, Banished is a story of survival. Though it is set in the stark historical reality of the founding of the penal colony in Australia in 1788 after the arrival of the First Fleet, it is not the story of Australia and how it came to be. Rather, it is a tale of love, faith, justice and morality played out on an epic scale in a confined community where the stakes are literally life and death.

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